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Acetal Resin (Dental 'D')

Dental 'D' clasp detail

Acetal resin (Dental 'D') is highly resistant to abrasion and possesses excellent tensile and shock strength. Possessing high elastic memory and low thermal conductivity, it is non-toxic and non-allergenic, making it a good substitute for acrylic resins and metals in many prosthetic applications.

Our acetal resin is made in all of the full classic Vita shades and three shades of pink for gum restoration work. A variety of products can be manufactured from this material, but we mainly use it for aesthetic clasps and space maintainers. Clasps can be injected directly, either onto the chrome base or into an acrylic denture, and new clasps can be added to existing dentures to improve their appearance. Creative Chrome manufactures the following acetal resin products.

We are happy to design cases for clients if preferred, but a downloadable design sheet is provided on this site for the convenience of those who wish to do this for themselves.

Featured Profile

Double hinged sectional denture

Double hinge sectional denture framework, open

This case required a small unilateral denture to replace the patient's upper right 5 and 6. It was decided to use a two-part or sectional technique to ensure positive retention. There are numerous types of two-part denture designs, but this one may be unique to Creative Chrome, having been devised by Steve to fully engage all of the available undercuts when locked together with a P.W bolt (figs 1 & 2).

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