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Acrylic Prosthetics

Acrylic full upper on articulator

The appearance of a denture can greatly affect a patient's quality of life, and we at Creative Chrome offer a high standard of acrylic work to complement our castings. High-quality materials are used throughout and injected high-impact acrylic is used in the majority of cases.

After processing on a duplicate, all finished work is returned to the articulated master model so that the fit and bite registration can be checked. This ensures a perfect fit and high standards of realism and occlusal function in each denture.

Creative Chrome can produce extremely lifelike prosthetics using various colour-toned acrylics in combination with Vita MFT, Vivodent Blueline and other high-quality teeth. We can also incorporate any other make of tooth as specified by our clients.

We provide the following acrylic services.

Featured Profile

Walrus crowns

Tusk at the impression stage

In the winter of 2004, we completed a set of crowns for five walruses belonging to the Parque Oceanográfico de Valencia, the largest oceanographic park in Europe. The animals had been wearing away their tusks on the edge of their pool and the crowns were supplied to protect the tips from further damage.

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