MHRA no: CA007329

Gold castings

Gold lingual plate

Gold is used extensively in many areas of dentistry, including full and partial removable dentures. Although expensive, gold has some advantages over cobalt chrome due to a lower value of modulus of elasticity and greater ductility. This gives clasps greater flexibility, allowing them to engage deeper undercuts with less likelihood of fracture. Gold also makes an ideal alternative to Cobalt or Nickel chrome for patients with allergies to those alloys.

We have found Argenco 60S from the Argen Corporation to be an excellent alloy for our requirements and use it for all of our gold castings.

We are happy to design cases for clients if preferred, but a downloadable design sheet is provided on this site for the convenience of those who wish to do this for themselves.

Argenco 60S Metal Content (%)
Au Pd Ag Ir In Cu Zn
60 3.5 21.75 <1 <1 13.49 1

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